About Us

What goes ON our bodies is just as important as what goes IN our bodies.

We built Storm & Leif  to show guys like us that choosing natural skin care products didn’t mean compromising quality, style or function. 

We want to start a conversation.

We want to show men that there are better decisions to be made. 

We’re starting with deodorant because most guys use it, almost every day. If you don't, let us make the completely unbiased suggestion that you start.  Your friends and family can thank us later. 

Deodorant is only the start for us. There’s more on the way. We want Storm & Leif to be your go to everyday carry skin care brand and we’ve got a plan to get us there.

We promise to make things right. To make things 100% natural and cruelty free. To only sell products we would use on ourselves and those we love every single day. And finally to give back by supporting other great causes near and far. 

We’re a scrappy little band of misfits trying to make a living and a difference in the world. We hope you’ll check out what we’re offering and join us.


Brent & Dave